Abandoned child

I never new this could happening in my life until my parent depart the earth. I was left behind like a death wood until God make a move in my life again and I understand life is an occult jorney.
Abandoned child have a move again.


One Phone Call Can Change Everything

Love this message

Commode To Joy

7 years ago. 7 years ago I received a phone call that changed my life. 7 years ago I walked into a house full of him – his clothes, scent, and that obtrusive little brown bag handed to us with his personal effects – but no dad. The one thing I knew immediately that I couldn’t, wouldn’t part with? His cell phone number. I didn’t want it circulated back out into the world for someone else to claim. So I claimed it.

At the time, Mark had an old, second generation iPhone that he gave to me, and I had it activated with Dad’s number.

Sometime thereafter I purchased some ringtones for the folks in my innermost circle. I asked my brother what song he would like me to use as his ringtone. Silly, because he wouldn’t actually ever hear it, but I wanted a song that was his style…

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